«The Wave Thing»
Polyurethane foam, acrylic, 10х1m, 2017

Video documentation of projects with posters and cursors, 2018

Real ads were torn off the advertising stands for several days and then collected in the form of an installation, 2012

Printing on paper, 2012

Oil paint, laminated paper, printing, 2012

«Mona Lisa»
Once, somewhere in Russia, there was a big street art festival. When all the works had already been created, it turned out that the festival management had not agreed on something, and the authorities of the city where the festival was held declared that the works would be destroyed and painted. So we have this work. Of course, is devoted not only to this event, but to the fact that street art is once purposefully destroyed.
Poster, acrylic, 2012

«Suprematic posters»
Printing on paper, 2013