Installation «Reserved Scaffolding»
Collaboration with art-group Afront. Mixed media, 2015

"Scaffolding is the sacral symbol of modern Krasnodar, the city of eternal construction and selective restoration works. Concern for the architectural heritage is perceived by the authorities only as a bargaining chip of political populism, and the future of the city disappears in the tightness of housing complexes and shopping and entertainment centers. The scaffolding are located behind the fencing tape as a special museum exhibit, as a forbidden zone. The citizens are also protected from making decisions related to the existence and development of the city. If Krasnodar is a museum, its residents are either passive spectators or sleeping wardrobe attendants. Our work reminds us: behind the hypocritical facade of the Cossack paradise is the absence of the past, the helplessness of the present and the impossibility of the future."